Dentist Crown in Anna Nagar

At Elite dentistry, a team of exceptionally talented dentists and dental surgeons work effortlessly to provide you the most natural teeth like crowns. This would help in ensuring optimum functionality along with beautifying your face and teeth. Consult the best dentist crown in Anna Nagar Chennai!

Crowns and Bridges (Fixed Teeth Replacement)

The crown is the process of restoring the teeth artificially that is fitted into the remaining part of the teeth to make it more resilient and would look like the real tooth. The process is performed in the teeth that are broken or that are decayed or weakened.ย  The crown is a tooth-shaped cover put on the teeth that are affected. The crown would just look like your tooth and it is often a CAP. The crowns are made of gold, ceramic materials or porcelain-fused-to-metal, etc.


Bridges are perfectly suited for those who have one or more missing teeth and donโ€™t want to have dentures.ย  It involves the crowning of the teeth on both sides of the gap and getting them attached to a false tooth in middle. Nowadays, all-ceramic, Zirconia crown and bridge have introduced and are durable procedures.

Why Dental Crown

The crowns are placed because of many reasons. Itโ€™s because if your tooth is broken or damaged by decay. So, the dental filling can’t replace much of the tooth as expected or making the tooth strong.ย  The crown can hold on the entire cracked tooth together. It is also used for holding on to the bridge in place. Crowns help in improving the facial appearance as well. They are placed to cover misshaped or badly dislocated teeth.

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