Best Dentist in Anna Nagar

We at Elite dentistry offer a wide array of dental treatments and procedures with the foremost objective of preserving your natural teeth durable way ensuring excellent oral health that would keep you look and feel great the entire life. Being known as one of the best dental clinics in the city, we provide sustainable, qualitative, affordable, and long-lasting dental treatment. We are known to be delivering comprehensive dental and oral healthcare, supervised by a team of highly qualified dentists.ย  We have a state-of-the-art dental facility, the latest equipment, and trained paramedics to carry the advanced dental procedures flawlessly. Get in touch with the best dentist in Anna Nagar now!

General Dentistry Processes

For keeping your teeth healthy, safe and sound and functioning well and have a great smile, contemporary dentistry involves following procedures:

  1. Cleanings and Oral Evaluation: Keeping the teeth and gums healthy and finding out early signs of dental disease.
  2. Dental Implants: Replacing the teeth for long-term basis
  3. Crowns and Bridgework: ย Replacing and repairing of the decayed tooth structure or missing teeth
  4. Extractions: Removal of the unhealthy teeth that cannot be saved.
  5. Fillings: Restoration of the decayed teeth
  6. Orthodontics: Getting the teeth straightened up that you always dream for.
  7. Dentures: Known as the false teeth and is constructed to replace the missing teeth and helping you to smile again bright way.
  8. Sealants: Helping to prevent the cavities
  9. Root Canal Treatment: Repairing and saving of badly decayed, damaged or infected teeth
  10. Tooth Decay Prevention: Treating the teeth for keeping your natural teeth intact as long as possible
  11. TMD Treatment : Treatment of the pain inย  jaw area that can create ย problem in biting and chewing