Root Canal Treatment in Anna Nagar

The root canal treatment is a process done to repair and save the tooth that is badly damaged, decayed or infected. The root canal is the process of removing the nerve and pulp and later the cleaning and sealing of the inner part of the tooth. If the said problem is not treated at the right time, the tissue surrounding the tooth might be severely damaged or infected and abscesses would come up. Root Canal Treatment is also known as RCT and is regarded as one of the best ways for treating infected teeth painlessly. The main objective of the RCT is to remove the infected pulp from the tooth and make sure it remains infection-free. Root canal treatment has a success rate of more than 98%.


Elite dentistry is known for its expertise to satisfy patients with top-notch precision dentistry and is also highly acknowledged for being the best root canal treatment in Anna Nagar Chennai. We are specialized in painless and single visit root canal treatment. For the RCT, we use advanced endodontic machines and dental X-rays to produce excellent digital imaging systems.  We assure to provide high standard dental care and the root canal problem will vanish out caused by the cavities, dental abscess, or tooth decay. 

Symptoms of Tooth Pulp Damage or Decay

  • Instant pain
  • Feeling of sensitivity to hot and cold drinks & foods
  • Pain while biting & chewing
  • Facial swelling and Loss of teeth
  • Swelling of the gum near the infected teeth
  • Coming up pus surrounding the infected teeth

Advantages of our Treatment

  1. Painless
  2. Single Visit
  3. Durability
  4. Availability of emergency appointment
  5. Matchless service affordable way
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